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Motor Neurone Disease
  What is MND?

  Effects of MND

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Effects of Motor Neurone Disease

The symptoms of motor neurone disease usually occur first in the arms or legs. Usually, the initial symptoms are mild, and include stumbling, dragging of a foot or difficulty gripping objects. Symptoms include progressive weakness, muscle wasting and spasticity or stiffness in the arms and legs. Muscle weakness and wasting in the muscles supplying the face and throat can also cause difficulties with speech, chewing and swallowing.

In the advanced stages of the disease, an individual may become almost totally immobile. The speed of disease progression, however, varies enormously from patient to patient.

There are no periods of remission with motor neurone disease but individuals may experience a "plateau" of weeks or even months where no deterioration occurs. Motor neurone disease generally has no impact at all on memory or intellect. Motor neurone disease also has no impact on sight, hearing, taste, smell, sensation or bladder and bowel function.

Motor Neurone Disease
→ What is MND?
→ Effects of MND
→ Diagnosis of MND
→ Physio treatment for MND
→ Why Manchester Neuro Physio

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Motor Neurone Disease

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