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Multiple Sclerosis
  What is MS?

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Types of Multiple Sclerosis

Relapse remitting MS is characterised by unpredictable attacks followed by periods of months or years with no new signs of disease activity. The effects of the attacks may be permanent or may resolve. When deficits always resolve between attacks, this is known as benign MS.

Secondary progressive
This is the most common type of MS. Secondary progressive MS refers to symptoms of initial relapsing-remitting MS, who have a gradual neurologic decline between attacks without any definite periods of resolution of symptoms.

Primary progressive
Primary progressive MS is characterised when no resolution of symptoms is seen following an initial attack. A gradual decline occurs continuously without clear attacks.

Progressive relapsing
Progressive relapsing MS is characterised by a steady neurologic decline but also suffer attacks.

Multiple Sclerosis
→ What is a MS?
→ Diagnosis of MS
→ Effects of MS
→ Types of MS
→ MS Physiotherapy
→ Why Manchester Neuro Physio

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