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Parkinson's Disease
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How is Parkinson's Disease Diagnosed?

The onset of the physical symptoms of Parkinson�s disease tends to be gradual, therefore, it is often a number of months, or even years, before the symptoms become obvious enough for a person to consult their doctor.

Parkinson's disease is difficult to diagnose, as there are no special tests to prove whether or not someone has the condition. Diagnosis is therefore based on medical history and a clinical examination of the person. The common symptoms of Parkinson's disease can have other causes and so tests and scans are often performed to rule these out.

Guidelines state that people with suspected Parkinson's disease should be referred quickly (within 6 weeks) to a specialist with expertise in the differential diagnosis of this condition. Guidelines also recommend that the diagnosis of Parkinson's should be reviewed regularly (every 6-12 months).

Parkinson's Disease
→ What is PD?
→ Effects of PD
→ How is PD diagnosed?
→ Medical treatment for PD
→ Physio treatment for PD
→ Why Manchester Neuro Physio

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