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Parkinson's Disease
  What is PD?

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Parkinson�s Disease Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy is very important in the management of Parkinson�s disease. People with Parkinson�s disease usually have mobility problems and are often at high risk of falls. Manchester Neuro Physio aim to increase mobility and advise on changes to the home environment to increase independence and safety. As a result, patients with Parkinson�s disease will be able to cope better from day-to-day and maintain their independence.

Independence is increased with balance, stretching and strengthening exercises and provision of walking aids and equipment. Our physiotherapists will assess how an individual performs activities such as; walking, going up and down stairs, getting out of a chair and getting in and out of bed. Our physiotherapists can teach patients, their family and carers, special strategies on how do deal with common symptoms of Parkinson�s. Family and carers often find this advice and the practical handling techniques particularly helpful, in relation to helping individuals out of bed, walking and overcoming freezing.

Manchester Neuro Physio recommend a home assessment is performed so advice can be given regarding any changes that may be required. This will increase the safety and independence of the patient with Parkinson�s disease. From the home assessment our physiotherapists will provide advice and suitable recommendations on aids and adaptations to maximise the independence and safety of the patient.

A specific
falls prevention programme can be created to be completed between treatment sessions. The home assessment, along with a falls prevention programme, will greatly increase safety at home and reduce the risk of falls.

Manchester Neuro Physio also provide
acupuncture, hydrotherapy, seating / wheelchair assessments and advice on postural management for individuals with Parkinson�s disease. Patients with Parkinson�s disease often enjoy physiotherapy as it increases their independence and reduces their fear of falling.

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Parkinson's Disease
→ What is PD?
→ Effects of PD
→ How is PD diagnosed?
→ Medical treatment for PD
→ Physio treatment for PD
→ Why Manchester Neuro Physio

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