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  How does the SaeboFlex work?

  What are the benefits of the SaeboFlex?

  Am I appropriate for SaeboFlex Treatment?

  How can I arrange a SaeboFlex assessment?

  SaeboFlex Videos

  SaeboFlex Testimonials


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What is the SaeboFlex?

The SaeboFlex allows people with a neurologically impaired arm to use their affected hand functionally.

The SaeboFlex is a revolutionary, custom made, mechanical device used with individuals with limited hand, elbow and shoulder movement following stroke, head injury, incomplete spinal cord injury, and cerebral palsy.

Below is a news report featuring a patient following a stroke that has benefited from SaeboFlex.

The SaeboFlex attaches to the forearm, hand and fingers and allows the patient to use their affected hand functionally in therapy and in a home exercise programme.

The spring-loaded mechanical brace extends (straightens) the wrist and helps reopen the hand to release or grasp objects. The SaeboFlex is a unique therapy tool as it improves strength as well as hand function.

The best time to start using the SaeboFlex following a stroke, brain injury, or incomplete spinal cord injury is as soon as possible. However, patients have shown good improvements even after 20 years following their neurological event.

The physiotherapists at Manchester Neuro Physio have undergone special certification in assessment, fitting and treatment using the SaeboFlex. Please contact us to arrange an appointment.

→ How does the SaeboFlex work?
→ What are the benefits of the SaeboFlex?
→ Am I appropriate for SaeboFlex Treatment?
→ How can I arrange a SaeboFlex assessment?
→ SaeboFlex Videos
→ SaeboFlex Testimonials

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