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Paediatric Medico-legal reports

The paediatric physiotherapists at Manchester Neuro Physio undertake medico legal reports. We provide medico-legal reports for personal injury litigation and medical negligence in cases involving children.

All our reports are Practice Direction 35 and Part 35 compliant. Our paediatric physiotherapists are all registered with MLACP (Medico-Legal Association of Chartered Physiotherapists). If you would like to request a Curricula Vitae of an appropriate expert please contact us.

Our paediatric medico-legal physiotherapy reports will advise the court:

  • What potential the claimant has for improvement
  • What amount of physiotherapy input is required and how much it will cost
  • The past, present and future physical ability of the claimant
  • What equipment is required to allow the claimant to realise their potential
  • The initial and annual costs of specialist equipment
  • The suitability of the claimant?s current accommodation
  • The physiotherapy requirements of the claimant

How long will a medico-legal report take?

A completed report is generally sent to you within 28 working days of your instruction.

How much does a medico-legal report cost?

You will be provided with a written quotation for a paediatric physiotherapy expert report. This quotation will include costings for; notes review, assessment, travel and the report itself. The cost of a medico-legal report varies according to the time it will take. This is influenced largely by the complexity of the case, and what the report is for.

How do I instruct Manchester Neuro Physio?

We accept instructions in writing or via email. Please provide all instructions in accordance to PD 35 and Part 35. When instructing us please include the following information.
  • the capacity of appointment (e.g. party appointed expert, single joint expert or expert advisor)
  • what services you require of our expert (e.g. provision of expert's report, answering questions in writing, attendance at meetings and attendance at court)
  • detailed purpose of the report and issues to be addressed
  • The timescale you require for the report to be completed
  • relevant medical and therapy records
  • all other expert reports for the claimant (all present and updated in the future)
  • witness statements
  • particulars of claim and defence
  • relevant court orders
  • schedule of loss
  • any other relevant background information
  • state the party / parties responsible for the payment of fees

Why Manchester Neuro Physio

We understand that you are working to deadlines and require the most efficient service possible. With this in mind we provide:
  • Quick report turnaround times (instruction to delivery in less than a month).
  • Physiotherapists with expertise, we will match the case to the most appropriate expert.
  • Professional and Efficient service.
  • Professional report quality.
  • High levels of service upon report completion, meeting with other experts, answers to opposing experts questions, comments and observations on other expert reports are all provided swiftly.
  • All documents are provided both in electronic and paper format.

To arrange a paediatric medico-legal report please call 0161 883 0066.

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Paediatric Medico-Legal Reports
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