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Brain Tumour

Introduction to Brain Tumour

A brain tumour is a collection of cells which have divided and grown abnormally. They can grow between the layers of the brain tissue or inside the brain itself. A brain tumour may have grown as a result of a cancer in another organ in the human body. The effects of a brain tumour will vary depending on its size, location, type and rate of development. Due to the highly complex structure of the brain, a tumour can cause a huge variety of physical and cognitive difficulties as it compresses the brain tissue around it.

As a result of a brain tumour, individuals may experience physical symptoms including muscle weakness, reduced ability to stand and walk, poor co-ordination and ineffective movement patterns. Cognitively, an individual with a brain tumour may have memory loss, changes to personality, lack of insight and behavioural changes.

Neurolgical physiotherapy will help to increase muscle strength, improve balance, ability to move around and enable the individual to carry out normal activities of daily living. At Manchester Neuro Physio, our experienced neurological physiotherapists provide a high standard of holistic therapy in order to address all your needs with the aim to increase your independence, function and overall quality of life.

If you would like to find out more about physiotherapy treatment for individuals with brain tumour please phone us on 0161 883 0066 for a free consultation with a specialist neurological physiotherapist.

Introduction to Brain Tumour

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