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What is Functional Electrical Stimulation (FES)?

FES is provided via a small device about the size of a pack of cards which can be attached to the waistband or placed in a pocket. Wires from the device attach to adhesive pads which are placed on the skin. The electrodes produce a controlled electrical stimulation to provide movement in a limb by producing contractions in weak or paralysed muscles. This replicates normal nerve and muscle action during walking. FES is most commonly used to help people with 'foot drop' by activating the tibialis anterior muscle on the front of the lower leg.

FES is used as an everyday device to assist with movement (for example picking up your foot whilst walking) and also functionally in treatment sessions.

Many individuals use their FES machines whenever they stand to walk and, in some cases, the use of FES may also improve the strength in the weak muscles, reduce spasticity and reduce pain. FES can be used to help function in the upper or lower limb. FES is commonly used to treat dropped foot following neurological damage to the brain or spinal cord.

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Functional Electrical Stimulation

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