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Machado-Joseph Disease

Introduction to Machado-Joseph Disease

Machado-Joseph disease is a rare neurodegenerative disease that causes a lack of muscle control (ataxia). This means it involves the central nervous system and it will get worse over time. It is an inherited condition that is caused by a mutation of a gene. Individuals with Machado-Joseph disease present with ataxia, a staggering walking pattern, clumsiness, reduced co-ordination, double vision and difficulty talking and swallowing. Less common symptoms include twisting of the body, repetitive movements and abnormal postures. Symptoms usually begin when an individual is in their mid-thirties to fifties but can start in childhood or as late as 70 years of age.

Individuals with Machado-Joseph disease significantly benefit from a specialist neurological physiotherapy assessment and treatment regime. Following detailed assessment, your physiotherapist will discuss the findings, problem list and goals. Physiotherapy treatment is focused on the individual's goals and can be delivered in clinic or in the home environment.

Machado-Joseph Disease

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