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Introduction to Down's Syndrome

Introduction to Down's Syndrome

Down's Syndrome is a genetic condition affecting around 775 babies in the UK every year. People are born with the condition and it causes a mental disability coupled with characteristic physical features.

Many babies born with Down's Syndrome are diagnosed during pregnancy or when they are first born by their physical characteristics.

The condition tends to cause these features:

  • Low muscle tone also known as hypotonia which makes your babies limbs seem floppy
  • Up slanted palpebral fissures which means the corner of the eye will be turned up rather than down
  • A flattened back of head
  • A small mouth with a protuberant tongue meaning you may notice your baby sticking their tongue out
  • A below average length and weight at birth
  • Delayed Development

People with Down's Syndrome tend to vary in personality and ability, everyone born with the condition has some form of learning disability but the level of disability will vary in each individual.

Our Physiotherapists at Manchester Neuro Physio can use a variety of techniques to increase your child's tone (making their muscles less floppy and more functional). We can also help with the delayed development side of the condition and help your child reach their milestones as soon as possible.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .