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Traumatic Brain Injuries

Introduction to Traumatic Brain Injuries

At Manchester Neuro Physio we understand about the potential devastating effects a head injury / traumatic brain injury (TBI) can have on an individual and their family. Our specialised team can help you get back as much independence as possible. The rehabilitation process will be specific to you, depending on your future goals and the symptoms you are experiencing.

Common effects of traumatic brain injuries are arm and leg weakness, facial weakness and speech problems. These lead to decreased mobility, balance problems and difficulty performing everyday tasks.

Physiotherapy treatment is very important following a traumatic brain injury. It should commence as soon as possible and continue until an individual has reached their maximum potential. Physiotherapy can improve an individual's quality of life by increasing their independence, mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks.

Manchester Neuro Physio understand that a traumatic brain injury can cause a huge change in lifestyle for an individual and their family. We also understand that everyone wants the maximum recovery for their loved ones.

Manchester Neuro Physio realise that traumatic brain injuries affect people in a variety of ways and that everyone is different. As a result, we offer both home and clinic appointments. This allows us to provide neurological physiotherapy to patients with a huge variety of physical abilities and future goals.

Manchester Neuro Physio are experienced at working alongside solicitors, case managers and insurers to provide a hassle free service to our clients.

Traumatic Brain Injury

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