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Fall Prevention Programmes

Fall Prevention Programmes

Individuals with neurological conditions are often at an increased risk of falls. Individuals with other conditions can also be at risk of falling. It is estimated that one third of over 65's are at risk of falling each year. Falls are a major cause of ill health for older people and account for 62% of all fatal injuries in people aged 65 and above. Many people believe that falls are a normal part of ageing but there are numerous ways in which the risk of falls can be reduced.

The Manchester Neuro Physio Falls Prevention Programme

  • Do you feel unstable on your feet?
  • Do you have a fear of falling?
  • Do you have a history of falls?

Manchester Neuro Physio provide a specialist exercise programme to reduce the risk of falls, increase your confidence and increase your mobility.

Following your initial assessment, the programme consists of ten home-based falls prevention sessions over a five month period.

  • Two sessions in the first week
  • Followed by three sessions at weekly intervals
  • Followed by three bimonthly sessions
  • Finally, two monthly sessions

These sessions will include:

  • Initial assessment
  • Home safety assessment
  • Production of report with advice and aids / adaptation recommendations
  • Teaching of exercises
  • Provision of ankle cuff weights to wear whilst completing your exercises
  • Provision of a booklet with illustrations and instructions of exercises
  • Provision of a diary to record exercise completion and falls
  • Appropriate advice / training for carers and / or relatives
  • Exercise review
  • Exercise progression
  • Advice / education sessions
  • Outdoor mobility, if appropriate
  • Final report

The programme will be designed to suit your abilities and generally consists of:

  • strengthening exercises for the major leg muscles
  • balance exercises
  • walking plans

As your strength and balance improve the exercises will be gradually progressed.

Please contact us to book a Manchester Neuro Physio Falls Prevention Programme and realise your potential.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .