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Children's Carer Training

Children's Carer Training

Manchester Neuro Physio are dedicated in providing a holistic package of treatment for your child. Not only so we look to improve the physical health and wellbeing of your child, we also ensure that their everyday environment is modified suitably, in order to meet their needs, as well as the needs of those who are caring for them. Carer's need to be equipped with the correct knowledge and skill in order to ensure that your child is given the most efficient care at all times, and not just when a trained specialist is providing their treatment.

What is children's carer training?

Children's carer training is providing anyone who cares for your child with specific skills training for them to meet the specific needs of your child. Family members may feel that they need some extra training in order to feel confident in the safe use of equipment and handling, along with other aspects of the care they provide. At Manchester Neuro Physio, we offer sessions to provide instructions on specific skills and can also produce reports to support this.

Who may benefit from children's carer training?

Your child will often be the one who benefits the most from the training of their carers as it certifies that the correct interventions outlined by your child's physiotherapist, will be carried out efficiently and safely when the physiotherapist is not there to assist. Other family members who receive training can help to provide respite and remove pressure from the responsibilities of the main carers.

What would children's carer training involve?

Following physiotherapy interventions, your child may receive a new piece of equipment which is complex to use and needs to be performed in a safe manner. In such circumstances, it can be arranged for training or a meeting with the physiotherapist and the carers in order to demonstrate its correct use. This may be followed up with a report or picture instructions on how the equipment should be used. This implements clear guidelines for the correct use of the equipment.

Advantages of children's carer training

Some of the main advantages of carer training are as follows:

  • Reduced risk of injury to child and carer with safe and correct use of equipment
  • Continuation of treatment away from the sessions with professionals
  • Reduces the strain on full time carers
  • Better care environment for your child
  • Ensures all carers have the skills to effectively meet your needs
  • Increases confidence for carers looking after your child

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