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What is Vestibular Rehabilitation

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular compensation is the body's process that allows the brain to regain balance and minimise effects of dizziness when there is damage within the vestibular organs. The brain copes with disorientating signals which may arise from the inner ears by relying on dynamic balance techniques and head reflexes.

Evidence has proven vestibular rehabilitation therapy to be highly effective for problems relating to inner ear and affected balance problems.

If your child is experiencing episodes such as vertigo, changes in balance or visual problems there is a possibility they may be suffering from vestibular problems. Secondary problems such as emotional anxiety, fatigue and sickness may also arise.

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy focuses on management of problems such as aiming to decrease dizziness and visual symptoms or frequency of dizziness. Exercises will aim to improve balance and walking ability. Physiotherapy sessions will include dynamic balance exercises to help an individual orientate their head or the trunk.

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