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Introduction to Stroke

A stroke is caused by a disruption of blood flow to the brain as a result of a blockage or leakage in a blood vessel. The effects of a stroke vary depending on the severity of the blockage or leakage.

Common symptoms of a stroke are arm and leg weakness, facial weakness and speech problems. Symptoms can cause decreased mobility, balance problems and difficulty performing everyday tasks.

Physiotherapy treatment is very important following a stroke. It should commence as soon as possible and continue until an individual has reached their maximum potential. Physiotherapy can improve an individual's quality of life by increasing their independence, mobility and ability to perform everyday tasks.

Manchester Neuro Physio understand that a stroke can cause a huge change in lifestyle for an individual and their family. We also understand that everyone wants the maximum recovery for their loved ones.

Our specialist neurological physiotherapists can work with an individual and their family / carers to achieve their potential.


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