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How does physiotherapy help with vestibular problems?

How does physiotherapy help with vestibular problems?

A physiotherapist will undertake a comprehensive assessment followed by advice and guidance. Not all exercises and treatments are tailored to every individual therefore an assessment will ensure an individualised program. Although sometimes exercises may cause dizziness to get worse, it is advised to persevere with them.

What would treatment for vestibular problems?

  • Assessments and reports
  • Advice and Education
  • The Bobath approach
  • Balance Training
  • Gait re-education and Training
  • Hydrotherapy treatment
  • Intensive Rehabilitation
  • Mobility Rehab
  • Massage Therap
  • Sensory Integration
  • Strengthening and stretching programmes
  • Training Carers
  • Vestibular Assessment and Rehabilitation

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