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Children's Falls Prevention Programmes

Children's Falls Prevention Programmes

Children who have a neurological condition or injury are at an increased risk of falling. By falling, this has the potential to cause further problems. There are numerous ways in which falls can be reduced and so at Manchester Neuro Physio, we provide a specialist exercise programme that works specifically to increase confidence and mobility with the aim to reduce the overall risk of falls.

Following initial assessment with one of our specialist physiotherapists, the falls prevention programme then consists of 10 home-based sessions, which are carried out over the period of 5 months. We look to achieve the following benefits from the sessions:

  • Improved muscles strength and flexibility
  • Greater confidence levels
  • Gait re-education
  • Increased levels of independence and ability to carry out ADL's
  • Balance training
  • Improved reaction time
  • Reduced fear of falling

Who will benefit from falls prevention?

At Manchester Neuro Physio, we often run these programmes for children:

  • Low in confidence when mobilising
  • That have a fear of falling
  • With a history of falls
  • Who want to increase their independence and quality of life
  • Who want to increase their general health and fitness

What do the sessions include?

In the falls prevention programme, our specialist physiotherapists will carry out an initial assessment along with a home safety assessment. In the following 10 sessions, exercises will be taught, reviewed and progressed as the sessions progress. We can offer advice and education to both the child and carers throughout the sessions too.

We provide an illustrated booklet of exercises along with a diary to record exercise completion and falls daily. We can then produce a final report containing advice for the future along with any recommendations of aids and adaptations.

The programme will be designed specifically to suit the needs of your child and often consists of: