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Down's Syndrome Physiotherapy Treatment

Down's Syndrome Physiotherapy Treatment

Our Specialised Physiotherapists at Manchester Neuro Physio will provide a personalised treatment plan for your child. Physiotherapists at Manchester Neuro Physio look at what your child is already achieving and then looks at the next step and help them achieve their next goal. We also look at the way your child is achieving tasks, for example low tone can cause kyphosis (curving of the back), strengthening the back will help decrease the amount of curvature helping the ligaments and muscles in the back stay in optimum shape making them more efficient.

This could include:

  • Playing with your child while they are on their stomach will encourage them to use their trunk stabiliser muscles, back and neck muscles which are important for your baby to build head control. This may be difficult as it is a treatment used to treat low tone and strengthen muscles. Low tone means your baby will need to put a lot more energy into getting their muscles working than someone with normal tone. Your Physiotherapist will probably recommend lots of tummy time to strengthen your child's muscles and to help normalise tone.
  • To increase tone around the trunk sitting on an uneven surface such as a wobble cushion or gym ball should challenge their muscles making them stronger and to help normalise tone.
  • Optimise the way your child walks; children born with Down's Syndrome tend to have low tone and lax ligaments so to make their joints more stable during walking they keep their knees locked, this can damage the structures in the knee and make walking less efficient. Our Physiotherapists can teach your child how to stand and walk and therefore hopefully minimise or avoid problems caused by poor walking.
  • To help break down tasks to make them more achievable.
  • Strengthen hand muscles so they are more independent.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .