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Physiotherapy for Machado-Joseph Disease

Physiotherapy for Machado-Joseph Disease

Individuals with Machado-Joseph disease significantly benefit from a thorough assessment from a specialist neurological physiotherapist. Depending on the findings of the assessment, physiotherapy treatment may include:

  • Muscle stretches
  • Muscle strengthening
  • Analysis and re-education of walking pattern
  • Co-ordination and balance exercises
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Provision of walking aids
  • Advice and education

Due to the progressive long-term nature of Machado-Joseph disease, the individual would benefit from regular physiotherapy treatment. The benefits of regular physiotherapy treatment are:

  • Increased independence
  • Increased safety and efficiency of your walking
  • Increased ability to carry out day to day activities ? getting dressed/shopping/laundry
  • Maintain range of movement at joints
  • Maintain muscle and soft tissue length
  • Decreased risk of falls
  • Decreased clumsiness
  • Decreased pain and discomfort

Your physiotherapist will liaise with your GP, speech and language therapist, occupational therapist and orthoptist to deliver multi-professional holistic care and achieve the best possible outcome.

At Manchester Neuro Physio, we have specialist neurological physiotherapists who have valuable experience in the treatment of Machado Joseph disease. We have staff that are trained in the use of equipment, resources and treatment modalities that can considerably improve a patients quality of life. Relevant adjuncts to physiotherapy may include the use of functional electrical stimulation (FES), botulinum toxin (botox) injections, hydrotherapy, serial casting, Saebo, splints and orthotics. We will work alongside other health professionals involved in your care to deliver professional, holistic care with the best possible functional outcome.

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Machado-Joseph Disease

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