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Diagnosis of ALS

Diagnosis of ALS

There is no definitive diagnostic test for ALS although a Neurologist will be able to confirm a diagnosis based on a history of symptoms and by performing a thorough neurological examination. Tests such as MRI scans and blood tests may be performed to exclude other conditions.

Tests such as electromyography (EMG) and nerve conduction velocity (NCV) can be used to help diagnose ALS. EMG is used to measure the nerve impulses within muscles to see if they are working properly. NCV measures the speed at which the nerves deliver the impulses which may be slower in ALS.

Assessment may be repeated at regular intervals before a diagnosis of ALS is confirmed to see if the muscle weakness is getting worse. Once the diagnosis of ALS has been made unfortunately there is little treatment available to slow the course of the disease and treatment is aimed at maximising a person's quality of life.


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