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Effects of Cerebral Palsy

Effects of Cerebral Palsy

Every person with cerebral palsy (CP) is affected in a different way. Depending on the area of the brain affected, the following symptoms may be present:

Co-ordination and balance problems

  • Difficulty maintaining and controlling posture
  • Swallowing and talking difficulties
  • Learning difficulties
  • Epilepsy (one in three with CP also have epilepsy)

Spastic CP is characterised by:

  • Weak, tight or stiff muscle groups
  • Difficulty performing controlled movements.
  • Difficulty / inability to stand unaided

Athetoid CP is characterised by:

  • Involuntary, uncoordinated movements in the face, arms and trunk
  • Difficulty eating and speaking
  • Difficulty picking up objects

Ataxic CP is characterised by:

  • Reduced muscle tone and poor co-ordination of movements
  • Reduced balance and depth perception
  • Trembling hands
  • Unsteadiness during walking
Cerebral Palsy

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