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Physiotherapy Treatment for Dementia

Physiotherapy Treatment for Dementia

Physiotherapy for people with dementia is best provided by a neurological physiotherapist. Manchester Neuro Physio aim to increase mobility, implement specific falls prevention exercises and advise on changes to the home environment to increase independence and safety.

Mobility can be increased with balance, stretching and strengthening exercises and provision of walking aids. Our neurological physiotherapists will assess how the individual performs activities such as; walking, going up and down stairs, getting out of a chair and getting in and out of bed.

A thorough assessment will be performed on each room within the home environment. From this our physiotherapist will provide advice and suitable recommendations on aids and adaptations to maximise the independence of the patient.

A specific falls prevention programme can be created, to be completed between treatment sessions. The home assessment, along with the falls prevention programme, will greatly increase safety at home and reduce the risk of falls.

Patients with dementia enjoy physiotherapy as it increases their independence and reduces their fear of falling.

Manchester Neuro Physio also provide acupuncture, hydrotherapy, seating / wheelchair assessments and advice on postural management for individuals with dementia.

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