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Dyspraxia Physiotherapy

Dyspraxia Physiotherapy

Why Manchester Neuro Physio

  • Unique treatment programmes tailored to suit each child
  • No waiting lists
  • Flexible treatment times to suit busy parents and children in school
  • Be seen at home, school and our clinic
  • Hydrotherapy treatment available
  • Dedicated, child centred approach
  • Specialist paediatric physiotherapists
  • Motivated, caring staff
  • Proven track record

Manchester Neuro Physio provide private neurological and paediatric physiotherapy services throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire. Unlike NHS services there are no waiting lists and treatment is continued until your child has reached their full potential. Children with dyspraxia benefit from being seen at our clinic. The use of our facilities and the clinical setting will allow for your physiotherapist to provide the most effective assessment and treatment for your child.

Our dedicated, specialised staff can maximise your child's potential by working closely with family, and teachers. A large part of dyspraxia can present as behavioural problems. Therefore, Manchester Neuro Physio will liaise with your child's teaching staff. This enables us to gain an insight into your child's school life. It also allows us to ensure teaching staff are aware of the nature of your child's condition and the ways they can assist their development.

See our testimonials to read about the experiences of our patients.

To book an appointment call 0161 883 0066, Book now or alternatively request a free phone consultation.


To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .