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Effects of Erbs Palsy

Effects of Erbs Palsy

The extent of the muscle weakness will depend on the how badly the nerves have been affected. The nerves may only be bruised in which case recovery is more favourable, however the nerve may be completely torn and surgery may be required to give the best chance of regaining function in the arm. Symptoms include:

  • Reduced sensation
  • Muscle weakness causing difficulty moving the arm
  • Muscle atrophy (wastage)
  • Typically the arm hangs by the side and is turned inwards (waiter?s tip)
  • Circulatory problems in the arm
  • Stunted growth of the arm

Most newborn babies with this type of injury will recover on their own, however this may take up to two years and physiotherapy is usually necessary to assist with recovery and to help the child regain functional use of the arm. Adults with Erb's palsy are also likely to benefit from physiotherapy to help maintain range of movement and maximise potential for recovery.

Erbs Palsy

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