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Effects of Fibromyalgia

Effects of Fibromyalgia

The severity of symptoms and effects of fibromyalgia can vary considerably. The main symptoms are:


Most people describe the pain of fibromyalgia as an aching, stiff, tiredness in the muscles. It can be at its worse in the morning, evening, or following activity. It can affect one or numerous parts of the body.


Overall tiredness and lack of energy, muscular fatigue or reduced stamina can be experienced. It can be difficult performing every day activities such as climbing the stairs, doing the household chores or going to work. Reduced levels of activity lead to reduced levels of fitness. Reduced fitness makes matters worse.

Sleep disturbance

Waking feeling tired is common. Up to 80% of people with fibromyalgia experience some type of sleep disorder. Often, these leave people feeling tired, drained, and physically incapable of dealing with the stresses associated with fibromyalgia.


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