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Physiotherapy for Motor Neurone Disease

Physiotherapy for Motor Neurone Disease

Manchester Neuro Physio understand how a diagnosis of motor neurone disease can affect all aspects of the lives of you and your loved ones. Through physiotherapy we aim to keep your work, home and social life as active as possible.

Physiotherapy for motor neurone disease includes;

  • exercises and stretches
  • joint care
  • breathing exercises and chest clearance techniques
  • pain control
  • anticipating and minimising secondary complications of motor neurone disease
  • provision of equipment, walking aids, orthoses and wheelchairs
  • advice for you and those caring for you on handling techniques and equipment
  • referral to appropriate health professionals (eg. occupational therapy, speech and language therapy)

The effects of physiotherapy can be:

  • increased quality of life
  • increased independence
  • increased energy levels
  • reduced pain and muscle spasms
  • reduced risk of chest infections
  • reduced stiffness

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Motor Neurone Disease

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