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Physiotherapy for Parkinson's Disease

Physiotherapy for Parkinson's Disease

Why Manchester Neuro Physio

  • Unique treatment programmes tailored to suit each individual
  • No waiting lists
  • Specialist falls prevention programme
  • Home environment assessments
  • Be seen at home or care home
  • Hydrotherapy treatment available
  • Patients can be seen by more than one physiotherapist at once, if required
  • Dedicated, patient centred approach
  • Specialist neurological physiotherapists
  • Motivated, caring staff
  • Case management
  • Proven track record

Manchester Neuro Physio provide private neurological physiotherapy services throughout Greater Manchester and Cheshire. The majority of patients with Parkinson's disease are seen in their home environment. This allows for a thorough home assessment and reduces the anxiety of patients.

In the NHS physiotherapy for Parkinson's disease is often seen as low priority because it is not a quick fix treatment. The Parkinson's disease Society, advocates physiotherapy, it advises that there is hard evidence to prove that physiotherapy is an effective way of treating people with Parkinson's disease and improving their quality of life.

Manchester Neuro Physio understand the difficulties associated with Parkinson's disease and the impact it has on patients and those close to them. Our dedicated, specialised staff can maximise the individual's independence and safety by working closely with their partner, family and carers.

Following an initial assessment Manchester Neuro Physio will liaise with the patients GP and other medical professionals. Where appropriate we can refer to other NHS or private services that patients may benefit from.

Manchester Neuro Physio has helped many people with Parkinson's disease and their families. See our testimonials to read about the experiences of some of our patients.

To book an appointment call 0161 883 0066, Book now or alternatively request a free phone consultation.

Parkinson's Disease

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .