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Constraint Induced Movement Therapy (CIMT)

What is Constraint Induced Movement Therapy?

Constraint induced movement therapy (CIMT) is a unique treatment approach used for rehabilitation of the upper limb (arm/hand) following neurological damage. After a neurological event such as a stroke it is common for people to develop a tendency not to use their weaker arm which can lead to learned non-use or in some cases neglect of the weaker arm. CIMT aims to increase the amount of use and quality of movement of the weaker arm by following a structured treatment programme developed by researchers in the USA.

The treatment programme works by producing 'rewiring' of the brain; this means that a larger part of the brain becomes active when producing movement of the weaker arm. This programme is underpinned by several research studies which have proven benefits, particularly for stroke patients.

The programme involves a number of components in particular the use of repetitive task-oriented training. This involves the person practising a series of short tasks with the weaker arm for several hours a day over a two to three week period under supervision by a trained therapist. Whilst using the weaker arm the unaffected side is restrained, for example by wearing a mitt or glove to continually remind the person to use the weaker arm.

The person is encouraged to use the weaker arm outside of the treatment programme for functional tasks at home whilst wearing the glove or mitt and is provided with a series of home assignments to complete. Research has proven that such intensive and repetitive use of the weaker arm over this short period leads to increased amount of use of the weaker arm as well as improved quality of movement.

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Constraint Induced Movement Therapy

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