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Am I appropriate for SaeboFlex Treatment?

Am I appropriate for SaeboFlex Treatment?

If you have limited or no use of your hand then the SaeboFlex may be appropriate for you. If you have limited or no use of your hand and you also have significant elbow limitations (weakness, increased tone etc...) then the SaeboReach will probably be more appropriate for you.

The SaeboFlex rehabilitation programme may offer results even if you have been discharged from physiotherapy because you have reached a 'plateau'. The time since your neurological event is not a factor. Patients have made functional improvements up to 20 years after their initial injury.

The SaeboFlex is most appropriate with a certain patient group and there is, unfortunately, a range of patients that are unlikely to see any benefit. To benefit from using the SaeboFlex you must have some shoulder and elbow movement and be able to close your hand at least a little. It is important to mention that you do not need to be able to open your fingers to use the SaeboFlex.

Below is a video showing an example of how much movement is required in the elbow and shoulder for SaeboFlex treatment to be appropriate.

Improvements are often faster if you start using the SaeboFlex as soon as possible after your neurological injury. However, improvements have been seen in upper limb function in individuals that suffered their neurological injury over 20 years previous.

The treatment regime is also very demanding both physically and mentally. Individuals that use the SaeboFlex must be willing to devote two sessions of forty-five minutes each day to repetitive exercises and then use their affected limb as much as possible functionally after the sessions. Results can take months but the exercises will be continually reviewed and updated to keep therapy as interesting as possible.

To see if you are appropriate please contact us to arrange an assessment.


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