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Benefits of Thermoplastic Splinting

Benefits of Thermoplastic Splinting

Thermoplastic splinting does not replace the need for physiotherapy treatment. Physiotherapy sessions will focus on manual stretches and muscle mobilisation, soft tissue massage, weight bearing, strengthening exercises and practice of functional tasks. Thermoplastic splinting is a non-invasive, pain-free procedure that is carried out during a single treatment session. The benefits of thermoplastic splinting are:

  • Maintain or increase joint range of movement
  • Maintain or increase muscle length
  • Prevent or reduce pain and discomfort
  • Prevent or reduce physical deformity
  • Increase independence with functional activities
  • Increased tolerance to manual stretches
  • Facilitate problem free personal hygiene via opening hand or straightening knees
  • Mouldable materials made to fit the individual
  • Easy to clean, strong material

Your physiotherapist will provide a splinting regime and a home exercise program which includes details of how and when the splint should be worn and appropriate stretches to do at home. Thermoplastic splinting significantly benefits individuals with increased muscle tone and tightness.

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Thermoplastic Splinting

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