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Why Manchester Neuro Physio?

Why Manchester Neuro Physio?

Here at Manchester Neuro Physio we recognise how difficult it must be having your child diagnosed with Multiple Cavernous Cavernoma, but we can help maximise your child's function and quality of life.

We have no waiting lists, and can see your child at their home, school or in one of our clinics.

We have caring, motivated staff with fun and engaging treatment ideas who disguise treatment in play, for example playing catch in a specific way can help strengthen arms, trunk and legs.

We have contacts with other health care professionals such as Occupational Therapists, and if we feel your child could benefit we can refer them on for an assessment.

If you would like to book an appointment please call 0161 883 0066, Book now or ring us for a free phone consultation.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .