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Brain Tumour Physiotherapy Treatment

Brain Tumour Physiotherapy Treatment

Physiotherapy can help with the problems created by the tumour or by the treatment to remove or shrink the tumour.

Your child may have severe motor problems such as weakness on one side of the body or problems walking due to poor balance and co-ordination.

Physiotherapy Treatment can include:

  • Strengthening exercises- your physiotherapist will grade the strength of your child's muscles and set appropriate strengthening exercises which are fun and can be incorporated into play.
  • Stretching exercises- stretching muscles that are shortened due to your child being immobile for example spending lots of time in bed before, during and after hospital.
  • Walking re-education- teaching your child how to walk again can be difficult and frustrating for your child and it will take time as the brain needs to make new connections within the brain to perform this task.
  • Fine motor skills- your physiotherapist will practise fine motor movements with your child such as practising doing up their cardigan or jacket, writing, drawing and picking up coins from the table and manipulating them in their hand.
  • Balance and proprioception (body awareness) exercises- this will improve your child's balance, increase their walking ability and hopefully prevent them from falling.

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