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Causes of Plagiocephaly

Causes of Plagiocephaly

There are numerous causes as to how it occurs however most common causes are:

  • Sleeping in the same position causing asymmetric flattening
  • Premature births causing the baby to have a softer skull than normal
  • Not enough 'tummy time'
  • Excessive time spent in car seats, the rigidity of the seat makes the child unable to move freely.

There are a number of things you can do to help your child, some of which include:

  • Turn your baby's cot so he/she has to look to the opposite direction to see you
  • Distract their vision to the opposite side using colourful objects or toys
  • Set aside time in the day to encourage 'tummy time', specifically encouraging your child to look up and to the opposite side.
  • When holding your baby on your shoulder, hold on the opposite side to encourage them to turn their head to the opposite side.

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