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Physiotherapy treatment for Scoliosis

Physiotherapy treatment for Scoliosis

The most common forms of treatments include:

  • Casting
  • Bracing
  • Surgery
  • Observation

Some children's scoliosis may correct itself as they grow, however close monitoring by a specialist is important to ensure the space doesn't interfere with the internal organs development.

During casting, the spine may need to be guided by a cast in an attempt to correct the curve and is most effective in children under the age of two. The cast cannot be removed however is changed every two to three months to allow for growth and remodelling.

A back brace may be required whilst your child is still growing. This is a rigid plastic casing that is worn underneath the child's clothing and will help. It is recommended the brace is worn for up to 23 hours a day and only removed for showering, swimming or contact sports. Regular exercise is encouraged as it helps to improve a child's tone and increase their body strength to help making the brace more comfortable.

In some cases, corrective surgery may be necessary in which corrective rods will be inserted into the spine and allow space for growth however it is not unusual for a brace to be worn in addition to the rods to support the alignment. When growth stops following puberty, the rods can be removed and a spinal fusion is carried out.

A physiotherapist will undertake a biomechanical assessment which requires observation through the planes of movement, this means observation through how to move from a frontal, side and horizontal view and requires a physiotherapist to breakdown and correct these different planes of movement to correct the overall movement. This will require stretching and strengthening specific muscle groups causing deformity to correct alignment and overall quality of movement.

Different forms of therapy will be appropriate such as exercise involving stretching and strengthening, bracing, manipulation, orthotics or insole prescription.

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