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Physiotherapy treatment for Asthma

Physiotherapy treatment for Asthma

During the initial appointment, a physiotherapist will undertake some assessments that will measure lung function, goals can then be set towards working to increase the function using a measurable monitoring tool.

Goals may be related to decreasing your child's medication, maintaining current lung function and preventing further deterioration or minimizing the risk of future attacks.

The physiotherapist will ask a few questions about your child's drug medication and some lifestyle factor questions such as what eases and aggravates your condition. By finding out more about your childs interest, more creativity can be pout towards the sessions to ensure your child is fully engaged and gets the best from their physiotherapy sessions. We can also provide education on relaxation methods to help your child is they become distressed. An exercise plan can be assigned by your which will educate your child on breathing control techniques if they become distressed or feel they may have an attack. Your physiotherapist will also regularly check up your child's inhaler technique to ensure they are using it correctly to ensure they get the best from their medication.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .