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Who is suitable for SDR surgery?

Who is suitable for SDR surgery?

SDR surgery is for spastic cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is brain damage that occurs in an immature brain either prenatal, during birth or post-natal up to two years of the baby's life. Spasticity is described as "stiff muscles" as there is an increase in tension resulting in a continuous resistance to stretch. There are 3 main types of spastic cerebral palsy:

  • Diplegic- where the spasticity affects just the lower limbs. Upper limbs can be mildly affected but it doesn't usually affect function
  • Hemiplegic- Where the spasticity just affects one side of the body
  • Quadriplegic- is where all 4 limbs are affected by spasticity.

SDR surgery is the only surgery that results in a permanent reduction in spasticity.

In the UK neurosurgeons only operate on diplegic children but in America they operate on all 3 types of Spastic Cerebral palsy but only treat the lower limb spasticity.

SDR surgery is most effective between the ages of 3-11 years.

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