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What is In toeing and Out toeing

What is In toeing and Out toeing

In toeing also referred to as "pigeon toed" means that your child's toes go inwards when they walk or run.

This can be caused by 3 conditions:

  • Metatersus Adductus- this occurs when the metatarsal (the bone before your toes) and toes bend inwards. This usually improves in the first 4-6 months of the babies life but if not surgery may be needed to correct the deformitity. Casts and special shoes have also shown to be beneficial.
  • Tibial Torsion- this occurs when the tibia (shin bone) turns inwards, this tends to happen during the womb and usually corrects itself. If your child has started school and they are still in toeing they may benefit from an exercise programme.
  • Femoral Anteversion- occurs when the child's femur (thigh bone) turns inwards. This causes them to walk with their toes point in and also sit in a W shape. Exercises programmes can help this to prevent a deformity of the hip and other complications.

Out toeing refers to the position where your child's feet would be pointing in an outwards direction. This is simply accompanied with "bowed legs".

  • External Tibial Torsion- this is where the tibia (shin bone) is turned outwards, this usually occurs in teenage years and can be associated with pain around the front of the knee
  • Hip Contracture- Babies are born with their hips rotated outwards, this can cause hip tightness and cause the toes to point outwards.

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