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The Odstock FES machine can be used as a functional walking aid, as a neuro rehab tool or as an exercise stimulator. It is a small machine with data logging facilities and doesn't need a computer to be set up. This machine will help improve your confidence and ability to walk and will also help reduce falls and trips due to a dropped foot.

The machine is controlled by a foot switch placed inside the shoe which is used to switch the electrical stimulation on and off when the user is walking. The machine is a portable device that fits inside your pocket and the cables and electrodes can be worn underclothing. The exercise function can stimulate muscles even when the user is resting.

The machine is suitable for a variety of people who are affected by conditions such as strokes, MS, Cerebral palsy and incomplete spinal cord injury patients.

One of our Physiotherapists can fit this device and then provide follow up support to make sure the machine is working as optimal as possible.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .