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Effects of Chronic lung disease

Effects of Chronic lung disease

What causes Chronic lung disease in children?

There are many factors which lead to Chronic lung disease in new-borns and children for example:

  • Premature birth which may lead to difficulty in the airs sacs which may not be fully developed.
  • Decrease amount of surfactant in the lungs
  • Mechanical ventilation. Machines which aid breathing such as suctioning, ventilators of endotracheal tubes.
  • General poor lung development due to a variety of different illness'
  • Mother suffering from diabetes

Who is affected by Chronic lung disease?

  • Birth at less than 30 weeks premature with low birth weight
  • Infant respiratory distress
  • Low surfactant due to low birth weight
  • Pre mature, white males
  • Breathing problems at work
  • Infection following birth

What are the symptoms of respiratory lung disease?

Each person will present differently with respiratory lung disease however common presentation is likely to be respiratory distress such as rapid breathing and chest retractions. Similarly the need for a mechanical ventilator after a baby reaches 36 weeks. If you have concerns it is advised to get a diagnosis from doctors who may need to undertake x-rays or blood tests.

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