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Physiotherapy for Chronic lung disease

Physiotherapy for Chronic lung disease

What would treatment for Chronic lung disease involve?

Treatment for chronic lung disease will aim to increase the physical strength of an individual and prevent any detrimental effect following the use of a ventilator. Early intervention will prevent any further physical decline. Early rehabilitation will improve respiratory function and independence and can reduce the length of time in hospital.

Physiotherapy treatment will vary on the age of your child. In young children, treatment will be disguised into play through our team of creative paediatric physiotherapists. Breathing exercises will be undertaken to reduce shortness of breath and strengthen the lungs. Physiotherapist will assist in chest clearance and educate your child on management techniques of their condition and positioning advice will help with secretion clearance.

Education will help you and your child recognise symptoms and how best to manage them before they get progressively worse.

Chronic lung disease is more than likely a long term condition in most cases where regular physiotherapy treatment and check-ups are required. Some children will require mechanical ventilation for up to a year.

It is important that the child or baby has adequate nutrition and up to date immunizations, risk of infection or illness can cause respiratory infection which can cause rehospitalisation.

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