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There are a number of conditions which can cause vertigo and our team of Physiotherapist here at Manchester Neuro Physio will undertake a series of assessments in order to determine the cause of the vertigo. Most causes of vertigo only last for a short period of time however if symptoms are ongoing and persistent there may be additional causes such as:

  • Labrinthitis
  • Vestibular Migraines
  • Bleeding in the brain
  • Head injury
  • Sudden changes in direction
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Benign paroxysmal positional vertigo (BPPV)
  • Vestibular Neuritis
  • Acoustic Neuroma
  • M&130;ni&138;re's disease

Tests undertaken by the physiotherapist may include an eyes test, blood tests, hearing tests, CT or MRI tests, balance testing or the Hallpike's manoeuvre which is a small test which temporarily brings on the symptoms of vertigo.

Our dedicated team of physiotherapist at Manchester Neuro Physio can provide you with advice and education in addition to your treatment to help you manage your symptoms and help you take control of your vertigo symptoms. Please call the clinic on 0161 883 0066 for more information or Book now.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .