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Vestibular Migraines

Vestibular Migraines

A vestibular migraine is a condition in which the blood supply to the vestibular system is affected. When there are changes to this blood supply, the signals sent to the brain are altered and our body's reaction and our brain become out of sync which lead to secondary problems such as vertigo, nausea and headaches.

It is important to receive correct diagnosis, appropriate medical management and a comprehensive rehabilitation program in order to gain a successful result. Our specialist team of physiotherapists are available to provide support for this condition.

There can be a number of different factors which may trigger Vestibular Migraines such as hormones, weather, food, gender, age and immune system.

Migraine associated vertigo can be a complex condition which can cause big changes in an individual's lifestyle. Physiotherapy treatment can ensure your child receives the correct diagnosis in order for them to begin the first stages of their rehabilitation. Please call us on 0161 883 0066 to book an assessment with one of our friendly team of physiotherapist here at Manchester Neuro Physio.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .