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Why Manchester Neuro Physio

Why Manchester Neuro Physio

Myotonia congentia can cause stiff tight muscles which affect your ability to move around and carry out your normal daily routine. At Manchester Neuro Physio, our specialist neurological physiotherapists are able to provide thorough assessment of all your symptoms and plan therapeutic treatment sessions.

At Manchester Neuro Physio, we provide:

  • Holistic physiotherapists with clinical experience of myotonia congenita
  • Flexible appointment times, including immediate arrangement
  • Bespoke treatment sessions and exercise programs
  • Therapeutic manual handling training for family/carers
  • Appointments at home or within a clinic environment
  • Water based exercise therapy within a warm hydrotherapy pool
  • Physiotherapists who have experience working with a wide range of insurers

Your neurological physiotherapist will discuss your symptoms and problems following your initial assessment. Together, you will set realistic short and long term goals of your therapy. Whether you would like to be able to walk to the shops easily or get out of bed effectively, your physiotherapist will help you to achieve your target.

Expert neurological physiotherapy for myotonia congenita is easily arranged at your home, residential location or at one of our conveniently located physiotherapy clinics. Our professional physiotherapists will work with you to optimise your functional ability through customised treatment to suit your individual needs. Your neurological physiotherapist will liaise with allied health professional colleagues with your consent in order to ensure all your needs are met. For example it may be necessary to request an assessment for communication from a speech and language therapist or some equipment from an occupational therapist. Our colleagues at Manchester OT and Manchester SLT will be happy to help with this.

We are happy to discuss your individual requirements over the phone and arrange an appointment on 0161 883 0066, Book now or alternatively request a free phone consultation.

Myotonia Congenita

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .