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Physiotherapy for Myotonia Congenita

Physiotherapy for Myotonia Congenita

Our physiotherapists have an understanding of the impacts of Myotonia Congentia on your everyday life. With this in mind they will work with you to assess your needs and build a suitable treatment plan to enable your optimal functioning and management of your condition. Your physiotherapist will plan individualised treatments to work towards:

  • Reducing the occurrence spasm
  • Encourage normal movement patterns
  • Advise and work with you to reduce your risk of falling

Initially you will be assessed by your physiotherapist in regards to your current mobility levels and the severity of your myotonia. To fully assess the current impact of Myotonia Congenita on your daily functioning your physiotherapist will observe you carrying out functional tasks such as standing and walking and moving into and out of sitting and lying positions. Your physiotherapist will then collaborate with you to determine your key goals to be achieved through physiotherapy treatment.

During your subsequent treatment sessions you will progress through your prescribed treatment programme, involving sessions with your physiotherapist along with techniques to complete at home to help your progression.

Depending on your pre-agreed goals, your treatment sessions may include:

  • Activities to improve your smooth completion of everyday tasks and manage prolonged muscle contractions
  • Exercises to help maintain range of movement and reduce stiffness
  • Treatments that aim to help you remain independent work to reduce your risk of falling

Manchester Neuro Physio is able to advise on supplementary equipment in order to support your daily activities and optimise your independent functioning.

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Myotonia Congenita

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