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Am I appropriate for SaeboReach Treatment?

Am I appropriate for SaeboReach Treatment?

The SaeboReach is appropriate with a portion of the individuals that are appropriate for the SaeboFlex. Therefore, as with the SaeboFlex, there is a range of patients that are not appropriate for this kind of treatment as they would be unlikely to see any benefit. As with the SaeboFlex, to benefit from using the SaeboReach you must have some shoulder and elbow movement and be able to close your hand at least a little.

The treatment regime is very similar to that with the SaeboFlex. It is, therefore, also very demanding both physically and mentally. Individuals that use the SaeboReach must be willing to devote two sessions of 45 minutes each day to repetitive exercises and then use the affected limb as much as possible functionally following the sessions. Results can take months but the exercises will be continually reviewed and updated to keep therapy as interesting as possible.


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