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SaeboReach Videos

SaeboReach Videos

See the results of the SaeboFlex


Winston learning how to use his new SaeboReach.


Vincent's video diary showing the progress he has made over the course of a year.


George was pleased with the amount of progress he made using Saebo in just twelve treatment sessions. Below are videos showing his improvement.


In just five days of using SaeboFlex, Anne is now able to achieve a functional grasp and release.


These videos show what an immediate difference using the SaeboFlex can make. Both videos are taken on the same day, one without a Saebo, and one with.


After five days of using the SaeboFlex, Jane is able to achieve picking up and releasing a ball (something she has been unable to do since her stroke).


These videos show how much of an immediate difference the SaeboFlex can make. These videos of Wendy were filmed on the same day, one without a Saebo, and one with.


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