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How does the SaeboReach work?

How does the SaeboReach work?

The SaeboReach improves the function of your elbow, hand and wrist.

The SaeboReach works in exactly the same way as the SaeboFlex, but whilst also addressing the neurologically involved elbow that cannot flex and extend (bend and straighten) during functional reaching activities. The SaeboReach includes a custom-made above elbow cuff as well the unit for the hand and wrist. The dynamic extension system allows patients to incorporate their elbow, wrist and hand for functional reach, grasp and release activities.

After a major neurological event many people want to regain the use of their arm. Many people see positive results with a rehabilitation programme for an affected leg, but are often frustrated by the lack of arm rehabilitation available.

Following a neurological trauma many people are left with impaired upper limbs. The reason for this impairment is due both to the neurological damage and also the secondary imbalances due to immobility that cause tightening of soft tissues such as muscles, ligaments and tendons and reduced muscle strength.

The SaeboReach uses a system of elasticated cords and springs to assist with; opening of the hand, extending the wrist, and straightening the elbow. The SaeboReach allows patients then uses their own muscles to close the hand and straighten the elbow; resulting in a functional arm.


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