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Physiotherapy for Spinal Cord injuries

Physiotherapy for Spinal Cord injuries

Here at Manchester neuro physio we understand the difficulties faced with spinal cord injuries and we aim to make the rehabilitation as easy and comfortable as possible.

Treatment can include:

  • Stretching exercises, these can be active so your child can do it themselves or passive where either you as a parent or a physiotherapist performs the stretch
  • Education, a vital part of physiotherapy is educating parents on how to handle their child safely, and educate them on spinal cord injuries and recommend support groups.
  • Pain control
  • Teach transfers, from wheelchair to bed, into the car, ect...
  • Teaching parent if necessary how to perform chest clearance techniques such as percussion or breathing exercises to prevent infections or other complications
  • Hydrotherapy treatment
  • Referral to other health professionals for example Occupational therapists who can do a home assessment and be able to provide specialist equipment to help your child adapt at home once they leave hospital.

The main aim of physiotherapy treatment is to increase your child's quality of life and keep them as functional and independent as possible. To make an appointment call 0161 883 0066 or Book now today!

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .