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Effects of Microcephaly

Effects of Microcephaly

The effects of Microcephaly can depend on its severity, some children will have no particular difficulty in development, school work, or physical ability. However some children who are usually more severe can experience:

  • Learning difficulties, this means they can have difficulty in understanding new or complex information, learning new skills and being independent.
  • Impaired motor functions, this can be a total or partial loss of function of a body part, usually of a limb or limbs. This can result in muscle weakness, lack of muscle control or total paralysis.
  • Difficulty with movement or balance, this can cause difficulty in performing movements such as walking, sit to stand and walking up stairs. Balance and movement problems can leave you with a high risk of falls.
  • Seizures, seizures occur from brain cells over firing disrupting the normal electrical signals which result in a jerking, twitching or stiffness of your child's muscles and maybe a loss of consciousness. If your child experiences seizures go straight to A&E as some seizures can cause damage to your child's brain.
  • Speech delay is the delay in the development or the use of the mechanisms that produce speech.
  • Facial Deformities

Physiotherapy can help aid your child's development by helping treat the effects of Microcephaly, with the goals of improving your child's function, quality of life and confidence.

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