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Physiotherapy treatment for Microcephaly

Physiotherapy treatment for Microcephaly

Here at Manchester Neuro Physio we will treat your child in an individual way. Our Specialist Physiotherapists will carry out an assessment of your child which will highlight their strengths and weaknesses and then a personalised treatment plan will be made with achievable goals taken into consideration. Our Physiotherapists will make the sessions enjoyable by finding out your child's interests and using them to motivate your child, this can include; singing nursery rhythm or playing with their favourite toy.

Treatment could include:

  • Strengthening exercises can be used to treat weak muscles, improving your child's function as the muscle will be stronger and have the ability to perform better.
  • Breaking a task down can be beneficial for your child as it can make them more independent and give them confidence, it also shows the physiotherapist what they are struggling with and they can prescribe exercises to help this.
  • Proprioception exercises these are exercises to help your child's awareness of their body in space, for example standing on one leg.
  • Balance exercises to help reduce the risks of falls and help improve movements such as walking.

Here at Manchester Neuro Physio are treatments are personalised to your child's needs, we focus on their strengths and weaknesses and create realistic goals with you and your child and then create a treatment plan which will achieve these goals. Our Specialised Physiotherapists treat in a caring and fun way to engage your child and make sure they get the most from the treatment session.

To book an assessment or for more information please email call 0161 883 0066 .